LED Light Sheet Panels are custom engraved acrylic sheets, illuminated by LEDs from the edge

Each panel is made to order to meet your exact requirements

  • Low profile design – from only 5mm thick
  • Bright, even illumination
  • Single or double sided
  • Manufactured to order in custom sizes and shapes with short lead-times

Bright Green LED Light Sheet Panel is lit with rigid PCB. Bright Green Rigid PCB uses premium quality construction and components, the LEDs are strictly bin controlled for consistent colour temperature and optimised for a high lumen/watt output.

Energy use and carbon generation is as much as 80% lower than conventional alternatives and no maintenance is required.

  • IP54
  • 3 year warranty
  • Conformité Européene
  • Dimmable
  • CRI 85 LED Lighting
  • Colours

    Bright Green LED Light Sheet Panel is available in the following colours:

  • Construction

    All LED Light Sheet Panels are manufactured with a customised grid pattern. This optimises light performance and distribution regardless of panel size and the number of lit edges.

    This light guide design, bespoke for each panel, ensures even diffusion across the entire panel – no striping and no drop off in brightness toward the middle of the panel.

  • Frame options

    Frame A
    the slimmest form of LED light panel at 6.2mm
    Frame B
    full framed and with an additional rigid back insert to provide rigidity and strength
    Frame C
    double sided version of Frame A panel
    Frame RGB
    13.5mm thick to accommodate the wider RGB PCB
  • Power and connectivity

    To power, connect and control LED Light Panel, there is a comprehensive range of LED drivers and control systems.

    The Bright Green Connect range includes capabilities such as Constant Voltage, Constant Current, Dimming, DMX, DALI and PWM.

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